Pooh Bars for school!

It has always been important for children in society to be aware of the benefits of healthy food. The five plus a day vegetable awareness campaign is a great example of promoting health awareness into young minds. The problem is alot of children are focused primarily on taste, especially at a time when their taste buds are more sensitive. This is great news for the fast food outlets, where MSG flavor enhanced foods are the most attractive food source on the lunch menu. In turn, low sodium foods like fruits, vegetables and oats become bland and repulsive, making healthy alternatives the last option to turn to.

After viewing the global statistics of child obesity in Australia and America, it is essential to constantly provide children with food awareness to ensure a healthy future.

According to the Daily News, kids’ cholesterol has significantly decreased due to transaturated fats being removed from processed foods. This does not mean we should all celebrate. We still face the issue of obesity because children follow the same lifestyle habits. There is no excuse that children should rely on fast food outlets as their food source, especially when innovations to processed foods have been made.

To help combat this problem, I created an easy homemade snack bar recipe that parents and kids can make to take to school. This can be a substitute for cookies, chips and chocolate bars.

This is a personal recipe by myself for liferoutine.

POOH BARS!!! a great tasting, healthy, take to school snack. These poo shaped oaty bars provide soluble fibre, antioxidants and  essential fats which will make any parent wonder how their kids became so health driven!!

They are very easy to make. If I can make them, so can you.

recipe in order:

-2 cups of rolled oats(preferably wholegrain, gluten free Oats)

-half a cup of honey(improvise)

-half a cup of 100% nuts peanut butter(improvise)

-half a cup of cocoa(once again, improvise)

-half a cup of low fat milk

Mix the ingredients together and roll into poo shaped bars on a tray or plate. Refrigerate overnight for best results.

I am definitely not a chef, but you don’t have to be to create something healthy.

For entertainment, here is the footage on ‘What Now’ kids show…


9 responses

    • Yes! that is a great idea! When it comes to superfoods, Cacao is the king! 100% natural, full of antioxidants for the immune system, not to mention the high amount of minerals like magnesium, iron, zinc, manganese and chromium which most people are deficient.You can definitely substitute cocoa for this stuff. As for the binding, peanut butter and honey does a good job depending on the volume.

  1. great recipe idea and entertaining video! I always have thought peanut butter was not healthy? is there a certain peanut butter you need to choose to make the pooh bars?

    • yup so you get 100% nuts peanut butter. Usually peanut butter is bad for you because it contains around 80% peanuts. The other 20% of the content is vegetable oil, bad fats and added crud to give peanut butter its bad name. Just remember to opt for 100% nuts peanut butter when your shopping, or try get as close to 100% as you can. It already tastes great in my opinion. There’s really no point adding more oil and salt to make it taste better. This is whole reason our taste buds have become desensitized to whole foods.

  2. Technically, yes. Food Network, being a big company, would make sure that it holds the crhoyigpt on a recipe before it publishes it. If you published a cookbook with a copy of a Food Network recipe without getting permission from Food Network, you’d be committing crhoyigpt infringement.However, if you’re not selling the cookbook for money, or giving it away widely, then it’s unlikely that the ravenous Food Network legal team would go after you.

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