Fussy and Healthy

Imagine living off a diet consisting of nothing but tomato and cheese pizza for the next 8 years. Then what if you found out you could still be able to survive off this restricted diet for the rest of you life?

A bizarre report by the Daily Mail claims that William Staub lived solely on tomatoes, white bread and tea. William Staub passed away from natural causes at 96 years old.

William Staub lived a life contrary to all sensible ideas of nutrition. The big question is, can everyone live like this?????

In the article, Mr Miller explains, the human body is a fascinating organism. It has been built for survival, and people’s nutritional requirements can differ from person to person.

‘The official recommended daily intakes of nutrients — called Dietary Reference Values (DRVs) are only a guide. There are individuals who can survive on very little, as well as those who need a lot more every day. So some people can be apparently healthy on very restricted diets. However, they may be missing out on vital vitamins and minerals.’

On top of this, our systems can hoard scarce nutrients, which may also help people to survive on bizarre food regimes.

Mr Miller adds: ‘The body can store minerals, iron and B vitamins in the liver, so people on restricted diets can rely on their own stores for a while. People with SED may also have tastes that reflect their body’s vital nutritional needs.

So for example, when we look at a tomato and cheese pizza, there are limited antioxidants in the tomatoes and paste, saturated fat content and CLA(conjugated linoleic acid) from the cheese (depending on whether it is whole fat cheese). Finally we have limited fibre from the pizza base. Surely this isn’t enough to suffice the average human nutritional intake.

According to this article, dreams can happen……..